Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's my mum's house from the front. She envisioned it as a little tree house in the woods.

Go around the corner on the right under the stairs and you'll see my mom's room. One whole wall is windows. niiiiiiiice

Coming back out of the office into th eliving room again it looks like this

THen when you walk across the living room on the other side you come to my mum's library/office space thingy on the left. She added this in a few years ago. It has two sky lights so it's always sunny.

THis is from the living room looking from one corner. THe house is one big open space. Sort of. You walk in to the front door on the right there (onto the kitchen) and into this big room.


Here's fotoz of my mom's house. It is like a sauna outside, seriously muggy. That's why some of the pics look hazy

First we have yarn. Some noro and something I have never met before. THe ladies at Black Purl Yarn shop in Sandwich say this Jawoll Magic by Lang yarns is good for making shawls. So maybe when I'm done with Ishbel I can move on to um well something else.