Thursday, August 13, 2009


Brendan is my longest and dearest friend. I met him when he was in high school and I had just graduated. I hadn't seen him in about 15 years when he met me at the airport Tuesday night. I didn't even recognize him. He still has that boyish face but something about him looks different. more tired I suppose but then again so do I. But he said I looked exactly the same. Brendan and I have always been on a similar wavelength in temperament and taste in music (he plays guitar, bass, piano. I can play piano and flute) and films and books, we're both tall (he's about 6ft3 I'm 6ft1) I've got 2 years on him but we're both products of the Massachusetts public school system (he is originally from Wisconsin, came to MASS when he was 11 or 12) and we just really get along well. He is a wonderful kisser, has a great sense of humor and funny little giggle. He wears high top sneakers that have "The Who" on them. When he was a teenager he loved the Who and got me to love them too. I thought his shoes were hysterically funny. He has many troubles these days and didn't laugh as much as he used to. I am holding him in my thoughts now so that he may get through this troubled times as whole as possible.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 2

The yarn fumes are getting to me. So much yarn, so...little money. At the market place there was plenty of free demonstrations and free yarn handed out. Thanks again to the fabulous twins of mamaLlama who showed us continental for throwers and vice versa. And giving me extra yarn samples!!!! yeah for samples. I got some from other booths as well.
I must have entered every contest there but never heard my name called, oh well. I had fun anyway breaking the world record for knitters!!! THen I got some great un-dyed yarn at a great price from, some panda toes yarn from Crazy Monkey creations and some Brown sheep Wildfoote sock yarn from...from...oh crap where did I get that? I'll have to root around in my bag for a receipt. Anyway, here's the photos. Check out Cat Bhordi knitting on straights (!) as we break the world record for simultaneous knitting.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sock Summit

Walked into the marketplace and the first thing I saw was the yarn harlot on her walkie talkie trying to figure out some kind of snafu. I soooooo wanted to go up to her and ask for her autograph and hug her and say how wonderful she is but she was all busy and I didn't want to bother her and how dorky would that be anyway? But I didn't have time to think about it cuz right next to her was Jess and Casey from Ravelry. And right behind them was the booth for Blue moon with this looooong ass line of people waiting to buy armloads of yarn. I was star struck and yarn struck all at the same time. I was on overload people.

I made a little wee sock and safety pinned it to my Ravelry bag. I thought I was so cool....till I noticed practically everyone did that too. Oh well great knitters think alike. Got some free samples and and some free chocolate, met some cool people and saw some people I already know. Saw lots of yarn. And it's only Thursday. We have 3 more days of this!!!!!