Friday, October 31, 2008

Remember this?

No Anchovies Please

J. Geils Band
No Anchovies Please
This is the story of a young couple in Portland, Maine.
While waiting for her husband Don to return home from work, she reaches for
a can of anchovies. As she spreads the tiny fish across a piece of lettuce,
she notices a small note at the bottom of the can. Written on it is a
telephone number. Curious, she dials, and is told, "Don't move, lady, we'll
be right over." Placing the phone back on the hook, she turns to see three
smartly dressed men standing in her kitchen doorway. Before she realizes
what is happening to her, she is rolled tightly in long sheets of cellophane,
transported to an international airport, and placed on a waiting jet-liner.
All this being too much for her to comprehend, she passes out.
Upon awakening, she finds herself in a strange, foreign speaking nation
("Dalas nekcihc dna tihs nekcihc neewteb ecnereffid eht wonk ot suineg a
ekat t'nseod ti."). Alone, fearing her escape impossible, she seeks comfort
in the arms of a confidential agent. With the trace of her kiss still warm
upon his lips, he betrays her to the hands of three scientists who are
engaged in diabolical, avant-garde experiments previously performed only on
insects and other small, meaningless creatures. Using her as their subject,
they are delighted with the results. For the first time, a human being is
transformed into a ("shhh... it's secret").
Meanwhile, back in Portland, Maine...
Her husband Don, now chain-smoking 40 packs of cigarettes a day, sits at a
local bar and has a few beers with the regulars. Bored, everyone's
attention turns to the television set that just hangs from the wall.
("Welcome to Bowling for Dollars"). Suddenly, crazy Al says, "S-say, Don,
there sure is something familiar about that bowling ball." To which a
terrified Don replies, "Oh my God! That bowling ball! It's my wife!"
And the lesson we learn from this story is, next time you place your order,
don't forget to say, "No anchovies please."

My son's haloween costume

He wouldn't let me take a picture of him in it

There is no permanent truth

So I had to get rid of the cable. It was just crazy expensive. Then I dropped my camera and the digital face smashed. But it still takes pictures I just can't see what I'm taking and change the fstops or anything. Now I'm trying to be less digital in my life anyway. I rely on too much fake communication. Although I am sitting here writing this to send out to the internets. Oh well. The point is to try to use my brain more. And to communicate more. I am too isolated and alone. I need to reach out.

So I'm inspired by a friends blog to examine things more closely. He is all about music and how it effects him. He likes it so much he is writing his PhD about it. I don't dig music that much but I dig that he digs it and I can talk to him about it. Most of my conversations with folks is so shallow it is refreshing talking to him. Anyway, he makes lists of music he likes so I am going to do that too.

My Little brown book by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane
One of the most beyootiful songs ever written and played by two of the most beyootiful men who ever lived.
Bad Penny by Big Black
Noise noise and more noise. I love it.
Foreign Affair sung by Manhattan Transfer (written by Tom Waits)
I like their version better than Tom's. Sorry. It's a great song to belt out when I'm cleaning the tub.
Anything by Vivaldi. He just puts me in a trance
Billie Holiday. Need I say more?
Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Couldn't tell ya if I tried. I like that they have no "genre." They are quirky yet they make sense. They are experimental and happy and free and make me feel like I want to do the same.
The Pixies.
Elliott Smith. I'm a sucker for a guy and a guitar
Bob Marley. A prophet
Cocteau Twins. Dead Can Dance. Both 4AD projects. The word "spiritual" comes to mind. Mostly for DCD. Their music is inspired by many different elasticities musical themes. Cocteaus are more heavy on the high pitched guitar and deep beats but there is this etherialness to them that I put them together with DCD for some reason. I don't know. I just dig em.
The Police
They might be Giants. fun.
Sam Cooke. Dam that man can sing
Lydia Lunch. She is so fucked up and she is so beautiful
Tones on Tail. Used to get stoned to them a LOT. Now I just like how they mix a lot of stuff together and make great noise. Great base too.
Dexter Gordon
Joe Strummer. RIP
We are Devo
Oscar Peterson
The Ramones
Jello Biafra (and the Dead Kennedys) Music with a conscious. Gotta love it
Velvet Underground. They gotta be on everyone's list right?
Kraftwerk. Do you want to touch my monkey?
Soul Coughing.
The Cure
PJ Harvey
Philip Glass
John Zorn

Yes I spelled things wrong. I made up words and my punctuation sucks. Tough shit.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More squares

Here's more that I've done with different yarns

another square

OK I'm addicted now. I found this yarn at Freddy's. Red Heart sock yarn. Doesn't feel like insulation, its actually 75% super wash wool and 25% nylon like most sock yarns. And the color is fantastic. I've always had thong about squares. It's always what I doodle, and I collect boxes, I don't know its some kind of creative thing for me, so I love making the squares. And they knot up fast. Maybe I can whip out blankets like this?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paaaanda Panda Panda Paaaaaanda Panda Panda. Pan. da

Panda yarn from Crystal Palace. 50% wool %40 bamboo 10% nylon. MMMMMMMMMMMM. Love it. Nice colors too. Only &7 a skein but probably one make one sock. Gonna make quilt squares with it.

Red Heart makes sock yarn

I think they are trying to compete with Lion Brand sock ease cuz this stuff has Aloe in it too. But the colors are much brighter then sock ease. It's cheaper but has less yardage so probably not much of a trade off. This color looks very rainbow to me but they call it "mellow." I'm going to try another quilt square with it

Red heart colors
Sock ease colors

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finished square


So many knitters......

So our university had a big "block party" the other day. All student groups were outside in the park blocks (kind of like a quad) showcasing their group and trying to recruit new members. I got a choice spot right in front of a main building for my Stitch n Bitch group. I just had a simple sign and yarn on the table and I got about 60 people to sign up!!! Granted half of them might never show up. The deal with this party is if you visit a group then you get a stamp on your "passport" and after 4 stamps you get a free t-shirt and free food. So a lot of people visit just to get a stamp. BUt there was at least 10 people who came up to me saying "yeah knitting!!" and were really excited. So now I will have more folks to knit with yeah!!!! It was a good day.