Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lace is kinda hard

Started the Lacy Candle Flame Shawl from KnitPicks. It's a free download on thier website. Using the stainglass colorway I just got on sale, I started a few days ago. I kept screwing up and had to start over again. Stitch markers are a big help. DOH! It's strange knitting with yarn so thin and light. Using the bigger needles, size 3, as opposed to using a 0 for this thin of a yarn, is supposed to make the lacy-ness of this shawl. It's not very satisfying. Lace requires patience and I want instant gratification!!! So now after a few days I've calmed down and gotten more patience. I think its cuz I've got other yarn too!

This comes from the fabulous new store in Portland (yarn mecca) called Yarnia

Check it out. She has cones of one play yarn and this cool machine that can ply several different yarns together to make a whole new yarn! It's awesome. I got a little bit to try out and I want more!!

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