Friday, November 28, 2008

We ate ourselves silly. Again. Had tons of food last night and ate leftovers twice today. No wonder everyone hates folks from the US. We are fat, greedy lot. Spent the day playing board games and going to museums. We did actually go for a walk around Greenlake this morning. Its hard to do much of anything however with a brooding teenager and hyper 2 year old. Each conversation is constantly interrupted by Elijah's rudeness or Abigails need to be the center of attention. CHildren can be wonderful and entertaining little people or complete selfish jerks. Either way its hard just trying to have a conversation or a meal.


Elijah and Roger playing suicide chess. Elijah won. He always wins.

This is Abigail. She's 2

We went to the museum of flight. It was basically a display of every plane Boeing ever made. THey had one room with space flight stuff in ti that was cool. One big room with mostly windows was for every kind of airplane. Mostly war planes. Elijah played the bored sulking teenager, Abigail dragged grammie around and everyone else read the plaques in silence. It was sort of a quiet walk through a room full of steel.

Me being stoopid

Touring Airforce one. THis is the plane JFK rode in. ITs where LBJ was sworn in after JKF died. It was mostly like a regular plane but up front was all the important buttons in the "control center."

I had fun taking pictures of Grammies cat Mocha. I posted it on Facebook under the group for the appreciation of cats who look like Hitler

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