Thursday, November 20, 2008

To believe or not to believe

Just watched Dawkins documentary "Root of all Evil?" It was very good as it raised even more questions for me.

I think people immerse themselves in religion because life is scary and they need to feel loved. Many organized religions can do that for them. Trying to find a place not be scared and trying to find a place to be loved without organized religion is hard. Especially the love piece. We in this country anyway are so jaded and suspicious and have such little love that it is easy to get caught up in organized religion that promises love. Atheism has no such promises. Atheism has respect and moral principles I'm sure but mostly when I hear Atheists it's all logic and reason. Can you have logic and love?

Love is so important to us humans. It's the one thing that I feel Atheism doesn't offer people. I hear so much of Atheists debunking of religion and not enough of how to live without theism that I can see why its a turn off for people. Atheism doesn't fill that hole left when you take out god. I guess the answer is to not have a hole in the first place. We should live our lives with the belief that inter-dependence is a good thing rather than the pull yourself up by your bootstraps bullshit. Relying on one another, supporting one another so we feel safe and loved and doing that in an organized way would be revolutionary.

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