Saturday, February 7, 2009

List about me

I hate spinach. You should know that right up front.

I like those silly websites like stuff on my cat and I can haz cheeseburger
I met James Baldwin in 1984 at Emerson College
I will be first in line to test drive a genetically modified donut that won't make my ass look like one
Before the interwebs was invented, one of my favorite things to do was read the encyclopedia
I love learning
I like to sleep with a lot of pillows.
I have a brother who I haven't heard from in years. He has closed himself off from most of the family and this makes me sad
I am in contact with my mother but we don't have a very good relationship
I am on facebook and have recently connected with lots of old friends and I love it
I played the flute and piano in High School
My favorite color is blue
I am a Leo
I like to be neat but I don't have much space in my room so I end up being a slob. I hate it
I have a lot of clothes in my closet I don't wear. I am kinda of embarrassed about this
I like to sing really loud in the bathroom
I am an impatient driver but I'm trying to be nicer
I yell a lot in the car
I have a bagel for breakfast almost every morning.
I don't like collars that are too close my neck but I like scarves. yeah, I dunno
I like itchy sweaters
I wish my super power was to be able to read minds
I don't like rap music, I hate cars that vibrate with it
My son looked like my grandfather for the first few years of his life
He came out sunny side up
I don't like to wear bras and only wear them if I'm too nipply
There are 5 mac computers in my house
I like yummy smelly bath salts and lotions
I think I am addicted to chocolate
When I was pregnant I ate a record amount of PBJ
I love hot fudge Sundays
I have two tattoos and five piercings
I have very vivd dreams
I would love to live in Copenhagen
I love the feeling of being in a movie theater. Sitting there in the dark with everyone is exciting. Especially when everyone laughs together
I lurve the smell of coffee but I hate drinking it
I also love the smell of pipe smoke but I hate smoke
I want be able to live in a place where I can have chickens
I like the light the sky makes in order to have rainbows
I have a mole on my elbow that I used to think was a princess when I was little
I also have a dot on my face I used to call my Marilyn Monroe dot
Speaking of Marilyn, I love that scene in Bowling for Columbine with Marilyn Manson talking about the Columbine kids. He is the only voice of reason in that entire movie
I want to paint my walls warm colors like brown and rust and burnt orange
I want to win the lottery so I can pay someone to clean my bathroom. I hate cleaning my bathroom
I hate it when I go to a restaurant and they say "just one?"
I love ginger

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