Saturday, June 21, 2008


So it's been a couple of days here and I think I have spent more time walking around then actually going to the conference. I'm just n ot feeling it. I mean cmon how am I supposed to understand "polyphonous praxis"and "dialogic" this and "hegemonic" that. My brain needs a rest.

So I went to the art museum (its free, has air conditioning and bath rooms) and saw this great sculpture by a black woman of Phyllis Wheatly.

You might not see it from this photo but this painting of Marie Danforth Paige looks a lot like Drew Barymore

This is a big fountain in the middle of a square. I don't know what it's called but it was a big open courtyard kind of place with tables and umbrellas and people hanging out. and yes that is a big TV screen showing a baseball game of I think the Cincinnati Reds. Very weird. Then I went to Carew (sp?) tower, 49 stories, I think the tallest building in town and saw the sculpture from the top

At the bottom of Carew Tower was a little mall. They had a cute little british tea house but it was reserved for a private party so I didn't get to go in and get some yummy tea. But it had a lot of interesting Art Deco stuff everywhere. And they had Chick-fil-A!!!!! I love that place.

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