Saturday, June 14, 2008


So I scheduled Portland in Pioneer Square for WWKIPD since so many local contingents were at yarn stores. I figured the whole point is to knit "in public" where people usually don't knit so somewhere public like Pioneer Square, Portland's living room, would be just the place. I got there early, found a great parking spot and the sun was out. There is also the festival of flowers going on so I got to sit in an "urban filed" of flowers. Cool huh? Well my son had organized a monopoly game with his friends and it started at noon, so that's why I took the car so I could leave and be home on time to supervise. Well one friend couldn't make it cuz of some pre-arranged thing, then another friend got sick and the last friend has to come early cuz of some other pre-arranged thing. So I only got to knit for an hour. But Janet, Shawna and Shawna's mother Marsha was there. I hope more knitters show up and make it a real event.

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