Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yarn Tasting

Art Fibers yarn store, based in California, had a yarn tasting event at Overlook Park today. Natalie organized the event (and did a very good job I might add) mostly through word of mouth and folks on Ravelry. I saw some knitters from Monday night knitting at Overlook House and some folks from the Portland Knitting Guild. It was a little chilly at first. All the yarn was under the shelter and the wind whipped right through. But as we sat in the sun knitting it heated up quickly. We all kept going back for more, "Did I already try this one?" I kept hearing. Most people kept reaching for the same thing. We all had our favorite. Mine was Kyoto. Some folks even brought snacks. The people who had the space for rent after us came early so we had to leave :( but otherwise it was really fun. I made a quilt square out of my Kyoto samples. I love this stuff.

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